How to Determine What Size of Bunk Bed to Put in Your Child's Room

How to Determine What Size of Bunk Bed to Put in Your Child's Room

Everyone loves a great bunk bed, but not every bunk is right for your child. Here's a few tips to consider when selecting the next bed for your child. 

Size and Space of the Room: Dimensions generally determine bed size

  • How tall are the ceilings?
  • Are there specific walls the bed would have to sit on?
  • Are there windows or doors that can't be covered?
  • What is the intended use and flow of the room?
  • Is there a ceiling fan that could possibly overlap with the top bunk?
  • Are there other furniture pieces in the room. Can those doors/drawers open fully with the bed size considered?
  • Using the dimensions of the bed, do you still have room to walk around the bed safely?
  • Is there a TV or focal point you're trying to accommodate? 

Who's Using the Bed:  People grow, so plan for that!

  • Who besides the child will need to fit on the bed?  Do you read stories at night in the bed or watch movies together? This may require larger than a twin size.
  • Weight capacity of the bed (ours are 300 lbs by default) on top bunks. 
  • Beds are available in normal length and XL length.
  • Is climbing up/down each day going to be workable?
  • Do you want to sit up on the top bunk or just on the bottom? 
  • Is the mattress you plan to use on the top bunk less than 9" thick --added safety rail height is an option for peace of mind

Have more questions? We may have answers! Feel free to ask any time - we love that! 


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